Tips For A Successful Angel Investor Pitch

Having a concept for a product or business can be exciting, but what if you don't have the funding to turn that concept into reality? Face it, product development and business establishment both require a financial investment. If you are struggling with figuring out how to fund the project, a private placement broker dealer may suggest working with angel investors. Unlike traditional investments, angel investors are typically individuals who are wealthy and looking to become part of an up-and-coming profitable venture. Here's what you need to know if you're considering building a presentation to pitch for angel investment.

Keep It Short

Especially when it is an idea you are passionate about, it can be hard to sum things up in to a short presentation. After all, you've probably got a lot to say. Even though you want to make sure that you give the investors a solid idea of the plan, the costs, and the prospective returns, you need to keep the presentation focused.

Any more than about fifteen slides will lead to losing your investor's interest. Narrow down your key information, and focus on the passionate facts about the project. That way, you are getting the most important information out. If the investor has more time, shows interest, or asks questions, you can elaborate on the additional information at that time.

Make It Engaging

It goes without saying that much of your investment pitch is going to have to focus on numbers and statistics. However, that doesn't mean it has to be dry. Instead of creating slides that just show these numbers, create pie charts, graphs, and other forms of graphics that make it more engaging. As the investors look at these slides, you can explain how you arrived at these figures. In addition, break up your factual slides with images and colors. The images will help to ensure that your presentation is more likely to hold their attention.

Draw Them In From The Start

One of the hardest parts of creating an investment pitch for angel investors is capturing their attention from the beginning. If your introduction is dry and doesn't give them a reason why this product or idea really matters, they are not likely to follow the whole thing. That's why you need to draw them in from the beginning.

As you create your introduction, use it to tell a story. Introduce a problem and then explain how your product or idea is going to solve that problem. When you start your presentation that way, and your introduction clearly shows why you are passionate about that problem and the solution, it gives the investor a reason to keep listening. This is especially true if it is solving a problem that could potentially apply to the investor as well.

Focus On Specifics

Few things can lose an investor's attention as quickly as generalities and assumptions. Make sure that all of the content in your presentation is focused on clear, specific facts. That's where the statistics and data research components come in. Make sure that you know, for example, the percentage of the population that struggles with the problem your product will solve. You can even lead your presentation with a question to the investor, such as, "Did you know that five million people in the country struggle with this every single day?" Using concrete facts, will help the investor to conceptualize the situation and see the true demand and benefit, which makes it more likely that they will see a potential for financial return.

When you work with a private placement broker dealer to fund your investment, he or she will have direct contacts with many angel investors. Since they have established relationships, you want to be sure to knock your pitch out of the park. Ideas like these will help you do just that. Contact a company like Luxor Financial Group to learn more.

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